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Date - 25th April 2022

Written by Richard Johnson


Hello again readers,

I hope you are all keeping safe and well and if you need any assistance with your mortgage finance or insurance needs, please feel free to email / call me and I will be happy to help. 

In the interest rate world, Tipton, Leeds, Nottingham, Nat West, Digital, Darlington, Barclays, Foundation, Metro, and Newbury have all announced recent changes.


In criteria news, Suffolk makes a change to its Buy to Let income rental calculation.

Pepper will not now accept DSS/Housing benefit as a source of income.

Metro will accept 60% of bonus, commission or overtime income as shown on a p60.

Bluestone will now accept applicants that have recently taken a payday loan.

West One Loans are the first lender to introduce a green second charge mortgage for landlords available on properties with an EPC rating between A-C.


In wider news, A ban on landlords charging ground rent to leaseholders will come into force on 30 June, the government announced recently. The Department for Levelling Up, Housing and Communities says this annual rent – sometimes running to hundreds of pounds – will be abolished in England and Wales, because “these charges provide no clear service in return and can be set to escalate regularly, with a significant financial burden for leaseholders”.

It adds that the ban will lead to “more transparent homeownership for thousands of homebuyers”. The department says: “Anyone preparing to sign a new lease on a home in the next two months should speak to their landlord to ensure their ground rent rate reflects the upcoming changes.”


In insurance news, following on from LV’s and Exeter’s claims numbers, this time it’s Income Protection provider Cirencester Friendly who confirm they have paid 94% of all submitted claims, totalling more than £8 million in 2021.

The mutual has maintained a ten-year average of paying out on 94% of income protection claims.

For claims that were declined, the mutual said it was due to some being unable to provide proof of earnings or medical evidence, no loss of earnings or for previously undisclosed pre-existing conditions. For 37% of all claims, accident or injury was the top reason given, an increase by almost 24% from 2020.


If you need help looking into the wordings and definitions of a new plan, please feel free to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help arrange the new cover.


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