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Date - 21st June 2021

Written by Richard Johnson


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I hope you are all keeping safe and well and If you need any assistance with your mortgage finance or insurance needs, please feel free to email / call me and I will be happy to help.

It has been a busy week or two in the interest rate world with Accord, Leeds, Bank of Ireland, Darlington, Leeds, Foundation, Scottish Widows, Principality, West Bromwich, Coventry, Chorley and Kensington all announcing changes.

And Clydesdale Bank has launched a number of £1m-plus fixed rate products.


In criteria news, Newcastle have relaunched their Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor range (JMSP) which enables family members to help relatives own their own home, allowing them to apply for a mortgage using the supporting income of a family member.

Newbury BS join a handful of other lenders and will now accept indemnity search insurance, and in addition they join the lenders offering Joint borrower sole proprietor to clients.

The Dudley also now will accept indemnity insurance.

The Mortgage Works will now accept repaired pre - fabricated concrete as a method of property construction.

Zephyr will now accept a minimum 12 month experience for a portfolio landlord.


In wider news, the price of a property coming onto the market has increased by 0.8%, or £2,509 on average, this month according to data collected by Rightmove.

This is the largest rise at this time of year since 2015, and prices are now at a record high in all countries and regions of Britain.

According to Rightmove, high prices combined with an all-time low in the number of available properties on agents’ books are starting to slow the market’s pace.


In Insurance news, pay outs for cancer-related claims by LV= totalled £15m between the start of this year and 10 May, with around £5.5m paid out for cancer critical illness claims.

The insurer detailed that breast, bowel, lung and prostate cancers were the most common reasons to claim, with the highest critical illness claim amounting to £367,000. The youngest claimant was 29 and the average age of critical illness claimants was 52.

Last year, LV= stated it expected a surge in advanced stage cancer diagnoses in 2021 because of a slowdown in cancer screenings, which will "likely impact protection claims data once the backlog currently faced by the NHS is cleared and more cases are detected."

In May 2020, there was a 47% drop in urgent cancer referrals compared to the previous year, with 2,700 fewer cancer diagnoses each week. Similarly, LV= recorded a 45% drop in critical illness claims compared to figures from February 2020.


I hope you found this post of interest and feel free to get in touch with me if you need any help with your mortgage or insurance needs,


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